There will be navy hoodies available to order for the children leaving Y6 in July. The school logo will be on the front and names will be placed in the shape of the year on the reverse.

Hoodies will cost £12.50 (Payable via Parent Pay). Children will be permitted to wear these tops for the last two weeks of the summer term before they leave instead of their normal school jumper or cardigan.

How to order: 

  1. Click on this link to make your order. 

  2. Go on Parent Pay and pay for your order.

You will receive an email receipt for your order form from Mortimer and a separate receipt for your payment from Parent Pay. 

We have three sample sizes in school from the supplier of an extra-large youth, small adult and medium adult to be used as a gauge for size in school. Children will be able to assess which size they need with the support of staff in school. Orders are non-refundable once placed with the supplier.

Orders must be placed and paid for by Wednesday 21st April 2021. Any orders received but not paid for will not be completed after this date. No later orders will be accepted.