“My School Direct Course was amazing and it was exactly how I imagined it to be; supportive, encouraging and inspiring. From the first day of school in September, I was placed with an excellent mentor who accepted me as part of the class from then on. She supported me immensely and enabled my confidence to grow so that I felt comfortable and able to teach the class myself. The support you receive from Karen and everyone at Mortimer Primary is excellent and there is always someone to ask for advice. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would highly recommend it to anyone!” 2017 Graduate

“The hands on experience I gained prepared me for my career in teaching and gave me a realistic insight of what it was required to be an outstanding teacher. Working alongside and learning from skilled professionals allowed me to be fully prepared to start my journey as a teacher. The support and guidance I received from my mentors gave me the confidence to push myself and work outside of my comfort zone. Having the ability to converse with teaching staff daily allowed me to develop my skills and knowledge of the curriculum. My time spent as a School Direct Trainee was hard work, worthwhile and most all fun!” 2019 Graduate

“Completing my PGCE through the School Direct route was the best decision I could have made for my career in education. The training and support provided throughout the year is led by highly skilled, passionate professionals who are dedicated to supporting their students to become successful teachers. From day one, my tutors and mentors were approachable, supportive and they played a key role in helping me grow into a confident teacher. I would highly recommend this route as there is no better way of learning about the teaching profession than by doing it first-hand and gaining those vital experiences. Following my training year, I been extremely lucky to secure a job in one of the partner schools for my NQT year and I have loved every minute of my time in school. I will be forever grateful to the School Direct team for their help, guidance and genuine care during my training. Thank you!” 2020 Graduate