“My time on the School Direct teacher training course through Mortimer has been exceptionally rewarding. Throughout the year, I received unwavering support from the training staff and mentors, which was crucial for my growth. The training sessions were highly relevant, focusing on practical classroom applications that significantly enhanced my teaching skills and confidence. Regular feedback and personalised advice from experienced educators has been invaluable in shaping my professional development. As I transition into my ECT years, I feel well-prepared and confident, thanks to the comprehensive and supportive training provided by Karen and the other staff who have supported me.” (2024 Trainee)

“The Initial Teacher Training year can be seen as one of the toughest years as an aspiring teacher. However, through Teach North East and the support of Karen throughout it has been easier to navigate through the challenges that teaching can bring. I couldn’t imagine doing this via any other route as the training days were informative and crucial, the planning of the teaching percentage really challenges you at the right time and the support of a cohort who are going through the same journey as you can be so helpful. I recommend this route to anyone who is looking to get into teaching as this hands-on teaching experience is ideal for learning how to be a good teacher.” 2024 Trainee

“Honestly just to say a big thank you for everything this year. I have found the course to be an amazing route into teaching where I have felt supported throughout. I have gained a large amount of knowledge in one year and the school-based route has been fantastic. Thank you for taking me on the course and for all of your help this year!” 2024 Trainee

“Joining the course with Teach North East was the best decision that I could have made. From the first day, I was made to feel welcome and part of the teaching family. Mentors and other members of staff were supportive, approachable and were more than happy to help. Karen, the lead school mentor was outstanding from the start of the course until the very last day. She was always supportive and remained in regular contact throughout. This course has provided me with the skills and knowledge to become a successful teacher. Thank you to Mortimer Primary for all of your help and support over the past year. I would highly recommend that anybody considering a teaching career, trains with Teach North East.”  2022 Graduate

“Completing my PGCE through this route was the best decision I could have made for my career in education. The training and support provided throughout the year is led by highly skilled, passionate professionals who are dedicated to supporting their students to become successful teachers. From day one, my tutors and mentors were approachable, supportive and they played a key role in helping me grow into a confident teacher. I would highly recommend this route as there is no better way of learning about the teaching profession than by doing it first-hand and gaining those vital experiences. Following my training year, I been extremely lucky to secure a job in one of the partner schools for my NQT year and I have loved every minute of my time in school. I will be forever grateful to the team for their help, guidance and genuine care during my training. Thank you!” 2020 Graduate