If you meet all of the criteria at application stage you will be invited to an interview at either the lead school or one of our partner schools. In advance of this you will have received instructions to plan and prepare a 30-minute lesson to a given year group which you will then deliver in school. On completion of the lesson you will have a formal interview with a panel consisting of Head and Deputy Head teachers from across our partner schools as well as the lead school mentor. Other tasks such a written response may also be given during the interview process. A decision is then made by the panel based on your performance in all aspects of the interview and your potential.


The School Led PGCE is an immersive route into teaching. You will be assigned a host school where you will begin in September. The Autumn term’s focus is observation followed by an assessed placement (AP1). During this placement you will be assigned a mentor with whom you will work with closely to begin acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to become a competent teacher. 

You will then move to your second school which will provide you with a different experience and will enable you to gain experience in the opposing key stage to your host school. Again you will be assigned a mentor to guide you through the placement which includes an assessed component (AP2).


As well as being immersed in school throughout the year, you will also receive university training days and in-school training. The training aims to increase your subject knowledge and pedagogy. These days are carried out at Mortimer Primary School and our partner schools. University based training days are usually held at Coach Lane Campus on a Friday and number around 12 sessions across the year. It is during these university days that you will be supported with your academic assignments and presentations through interaction with the lecturers and an academic tutor.

Partner Schools

Mortimer Primary School, in partnership with Teach North East is the lead primary training school for School Led PGCE applicants wishing to apply for Primary PGCE places.

Mortimer Primary School currently work with a number of strategic partners in hosting and accommodating student placements. These may include:

  • Mortimer Primary School
  • Harton Primary School
  • Hebburn Lakes Primary School
  • Mosaic Federation
  • Westoe Crown Primary School
  • Hadrian Primary School
  • Marine Park Primary School
  • Whitburn Primary School