Dear all

We are so pleased to welcome you Mortimer Primary School.  We pride ourselves on being welcoming and caring, putting the well-being and education of our pupils first and foremost. We strive for Excellence for All!

This website will provide you with lots of useful information and a good snapshot of school life.

Our vision for Mortimer Primary School is to provide an excellent education for every
individual child. We strive to provide the very best, so that every single child reaches their full
potential and leaves Y6 completely prepared, confident and excited for the next phase in their

We instil in our pupils our agreed Mortimer ethos:

  • Doing your best is more important than being the best.
  • Kind people are the best kind of people.
  • Please and thank you are magic words.
  • We are all different. Our differences make us unique.

Mortimer (infant and junior), subsequently Mortimer Primary, is extremely proud of its history
in serving the community for over 100 years. Strive to provide the best for all where
everyone, whether child or adult, feels safe, welcome and that they belong. Because of this,
they are willing to give and do their best. As a result, we create robust, trusting, honest and
respectful relationships.

We want to give our children cultural capital on which to build, so every child, regardless of
race, gender, socio -economic background or ability, partakes in experiences which will enable them to take a lead role in society in later life.

We promote an understanding of fundamental British values and what it means to be part of
modern British society, alongside celebrating the diversity of everyone at Mortimer Primary

We are forward thinking and with that we consider current global issues. We explore ways we
can contribute to looking after our planet: protecting not only our school, but for every
pupil and their family wherever they are, for the future.

We believe the partnership between home and school to be crucial and fundamental to the
successful education of your child. We have found that the stronger the relationship between
parents and teachers, the more secure, confident and successful experience your child will

You can find more information across our website. If there is anything
else you wish to know, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We all look forward to our next journey together.

Mr P Bennett, Head Teacher
Ms F Clemence, Chair of Governors