Pupil Premium

What is pupil premium and how have we spent our allocation.

We ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all of our pupils and appropriate provision is made for pupils who belong to groups known to be disadvantaged. Pupil premium was introduced by the government in April 2011 and was allocated to schools for pupils registered as eligible as Free School Meals (FSM)and Looked After Children. It is believed that pupil premium is the best way to address the inequalities between FSM children and non FSM children so funding is used to advantage those pupils who need it most. Children eligible for the pupil premium grant may face a range of barriers to learning, including emotional, behavioural and social challenges, low self-esteem and low  aspirations.  As with other children some may have general learning difficulties such as dyslexia, autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  These may impact on the pupils learning and school life in general.  They will therefore, require different levels of intervention and support. This targeted intervention is put into place in order to diminish the difference in attainment and progress of disadvantaged children.

The school makes use of data analysis to focus on the progress of pupils entitled to Pupil Premium. Staff closely monitor the effectiveness of any chosen strategy or intervention. Governors review the impact of the measures as part of their role. We have a designated Pupil Premium link governor who has regular contact with teaching staff and the senior leadership team.

The pupil premium provision may include:

  • Achievement and Progress work including the use of additional intervention work to accelerate progress for targeted groups or individuals.
  • Learning support to enable children to fully access learning and accelerate progress where there are special educational learning needs
  • Pastoral Work undertaken to raise self-esteem, provide emotional resilience and extend personal skills.
  • Out of Hours and Enrichment to ensure that children are given a full opportunity to develop talents in sport and creativity and extending experiences for all children.

Breakdown of costs and impact:

Title File Name Caption Date
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Pupil Premium Allocation 2022 Pupil-Premium-Allocation-2022.pdf September 22, 2021
Pupil PremiumTotal Allocation and Review for 2019-2020 Pupil-PremiumTotal-Allocation-and-Review-for-2019-2020.pdf September 17, 2020
Pupil Premium Allocation 2021 Pupil-Premium-Allocation-2021.pdf September 17, 2020
Pupil PremiumTotal Allocation and Outcomes for 2018-2019 Pupil-PremiumTotal-Allocation-and-Outcomes-for-2018-2019.pdf September 26, 2019