Mortimer Primary School is a KidSafe UK Registered School.

KidSafe UK Children’s Mental Health & Safeguarding, provides schools with in-depth training materials enabling any member of staff to deliver KidSafe UK programmes directly to pupils from Early Years Foundation Stage through to High School.

KidSafe programmes are age appropriate and delivered to children without shattering their innocence, all KidSafe UK programmes contribute significantly to PSHE, RSE and KCSiE.

KidSafe UK Children’s Mental Health & Safeguarding is proactive, not reactive.

It educates children directly and empowers them to speak out to a trusted grown-up about anything that is having a detrimental impact on their mental health and emotional wellbeing and can help break cycles associated childhood trauma.

All children, from Reception to Year 6, complete at least one KidSafe module per year with one of our trained members of staff. Topics are age appropriate to each year group but the overall message is fluid throughout all year groups.

We teach children to recognise when something just doesn’t feel right. We call these yukky feelings.

We teach children to respond to yukky feelings by –

  • Say no in uncomfortable situations
  • Walk away from the problem
  • Talk to a trusted adult