Since Covid-19 the number of children using the internet and digital devices has dramatically increased. Screen time has rapidly increased not only for adults but also for children. Younger children are using gaming platforms, streaming videos and there is an increase in social media such as Whatsapp, Tic-Toc and Instagram and communication platforms such as  Zoom helped to keep the world connected while apart and are now a part of everyday life.

As adults and children are very much aware, these come with age guidance of use and although many are fantastic portals they all carry risks of some level that both adults and children should be aware of.

There has never been a more important time to have open and honest discussion about digital use and the safety consequences involved.

Below are links to age appropriate activities for pupils to complete with parents or carers.

Think of this as being as important as ‘Stranger Danger’ conversations. 

If you have concerns about e-safety issues; would like support with parental settings on devices or any other e-safety worry for your child, as a school we are here to help. We have designated, qualified members of staff to offer support and we work alongside specialised teachers from ICT in Schools at The Word, who also can provide support to our families.

Nursery and Reception Resources

Key Stage One Resources

Key Stage Two Resources

Activities from Think You Know