School Council 2

Our school council is an important part of our school’s belief in pupil leadership and voice. As you wander around the school you will see examples of how our children contribute to the smooth running of our school. Examples include our Mortimer monitors, house captain boards and break time buddies. (All of our buddies are also Young Sport Leader trained.)

School Council Members

We are currently in a transition period with our school council and changing the way in which pupils are represented.

Pupils are inivted to join the school council from Year 2; there is one representative per class. These are nominated and then voted for by their class members. They will complete a one year term of being the representative for their class. 

The Year 6 house captains, who are elected by the pupils in key stage two, are also invited to be on the school council and join the original members.

school councill

What does the school council do? 

School Council members meet at least once a month. In every year group there are suggestion boxes that come from children throughout the school. We bring these ideas to meetings. Sometimes Mr Bennett and subject leaders also bring ideas to the meetings and ask School Council to help them on important projects that require and would benefit from pupil opinion, experience and ideas.

What did we achieve 2022/23

2022/23 saw a lot of change in our school. Mr Bennett became our new headteacher and Mrs Peacock our depty headteacher. Both had many important roles and tasks which they wanted us to be part of. 

  • Two of our Year 3 members visited the town hall to learn all about democracy and learn how a real council works day to day. 
  • We wrote and delivered an assembly to promote ‘Coming to school’ and delivered it to all the children in our school. 
  • Miss Anderson asked the school council to help with student voice about Science in the school. 
  • Mrs Stelling asked the school council to help promote 30 minutes active both in and our of school across the whole school. 
  • We helped to select toys for the Autumn term for the new yard. 
  • Finally we created a presentation for the new Reception parents and explained our uniform policy. 

We have already started thinkng about projects for next year including improving and renovating our school yards. We are always listening and ready to take sugestions to make our school a safe, enjoyable place to learn, play and make memories. 

Watch this space!