Dear all,

The final ‘end of KS2 paper’ or ‘SAT’ has been completed today and we couldn’t be any prouder of every single child. They have given 100% and that is all we could ask.

But it is not just this week, but in the weeks and months leading to this point. Their resilience after two challenging years has shone through and no matter what results come back, the children are a credit to themselves. They deserve success now and in the future.

Throughout the week, every test has been taken in their stride and the camaraderie between the pupils has been heart-warming. Weirdly, this week is often one children remember for the positive feelings and being part of the group taking on the challenge and conquering it together. They have done this in spades!

We understand that SATs don’t measure their ability to be creative, play sports, be musical, be kind or measure how gifted they are. But the children have taken them as a chance to shine in reading, English and maths. Their attitude this week cannot be questioned and this bodes them well for the challenges of secondary school and beyond.

So it leaves us just to say “Your children are amazing” …but I’m guessing you already knew this!

Thank you for your support not only this week, but throughout your child’s journey with us.

Well done Year 6!