Do you remember a story I told you about in assembly back in October. Here’s a reminder….

Everyone enjoyed Saturday art class. There were easels that stood up, paint brushes that could be put into any colour paint pot and anyone could get fresh paper and start again as many times they wanted.

Well, I said everyone enjoyed it. That is actually not true, because Millie did not like it.

She sat by herself and drew nothing. She didn’t speak to anyone and she seemed very cross.

It was like she had a cloud over her head. Everyone was a bit scared to talk to her.

But Belle wanted to be friends. Perhaps she could try……so she went over to chat, but it didn’t seem to work.

So she thought of other things she could try. Maybe working on a drawing together, but that didn’t turn out well.

But Belle wasn’t about to give up and after lots of attempts and pictures…… 

there was a smile from Millie. The other children noticed and thought that it looked like a good game.

So they started to work on pictures together.

And before long everyone was drawing together.

Then I showed you all a couple of pictures that your teachers had drawn together, (a half each). Remember that I told you that Mrs Keighery was good at drawing trees, but Mrs Allan wasn’t and they worked on a drawing together and made this beautiful tree which Mrs Allan was very proud of. 

Can you remember that Mrs Peacock and myself drew a butterfly and then had lots of talk about how we were going to colour each half.

I wonder if you can do a half and half picture with someone? It might be fun.

Have a top Tuesday.

Mrs Cunningham