As mentioned in an earlier post, all of our Y5 children have been creating Christmas books retelling the story of the Nativity for reception children, which can be kept as a  special keepsake.

This project takes part over a number of weeks and involves the children meeting each other, learning a little about each other and spending time sharing stories. It is a lovely link between some of our older and younger children and is enjoyed by all.

We have also been so pleased with the feedback from parents, here are just a few of the comments we have received.

“The book created for Finely is lovely – read it tonight and he loves it. It’s a great idea.”

“I absolutely love the book Theo brought home tonight, which had been written by one of the older children! It made me have a little tear. Theo is so happy with it and will treasure it forever. I absolutely love the idea of the older children sharing work and also reading to reception children.”