Sunshine Day Friday 8th April

It is reported that the North East has some of the highest numbers of children registered as disabled in the UK. It is estimated that there are over 18,000 children living with a disability.

The Sunshine Fund are a North East based charity that enhances the lives of local children with disabilities by funding equipment to meet their specialist needs. They support babies, children and young adults up until their 19th birthday by funding equipment such as specialist beds, wheelchairs, trikes, IT and sensory equipment that is not available through the NHS, local authorities or any other sources.

As a school, our aim through next week is to raise awareness of equality and diversity in school through assemblies and class discussion. Friday is sunshine day where we will wear something yellow to brighten up school and hopefully our day.

KS2 children will all be bringing home a sunflower which the charity has provided.

Parents can donate to the charity if they wish through Parent Pay.

Please watch the video of Aaron, an amazing Mortimer pupil who has something we all need to hear!