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Science Selfie Competition – 8.3.23
Dear parents/carers,
It is British Science Week 10th-19th March!
We will be completing some exciting activities in school linked to this year’s theme ‘Connections’, but we also invite children to take part in a ‘Science Selfie’ Competition.
If your child would like to take part, please encourage them to look for Science connections in the world around them and take a selfie to show this.
This could be as simple as a picture of themselves with the rainbow in the background. The picture can then be attached to the following Google Form along with a title/name for the photo and a sentence or two explaining the Science link. (A Google account is needed to upload via the form).
Alternatively, a picture could be printed out and brought into school, with the information as above. Please let us know if you don’t want the picture to be used in any publicity for the school.
The competition deadline is the 19th March.
Share your selfie here:
We look forward to seeing your selfies! 
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