Our school photographer will be taking photographs on Thursday 29th June. For organisational purposes, every child will be photographed.   Every child will come home on the day with a selection of small inkjet proofs printed on an order form. These proofs will show the general position and expression but they are just an instant inkjet proof and do not represent the quality of the actual photographs you order. Your photographs will be printed in a professional lab, using professional materials and are of the highest quality.

A consent form is required for family photos only as each child will receive individual proof photographs.

If you wish a family photo to be taken (only children in school, no younger or older siblings) please return the attached slip.  Please note each child in the family needs to bring a slip in to their own teacher. 

If you are willing to spend an hour or two in school to help comb children’s hair prior to them having their photograph taken would you please let your child’s teacher know, any help would be appreciated.   Could you please send a comb or brush with your child’s name on into school on the day of their photograph?

You can order your child’s school photograph online.   Full instructions will be enclosed in the pack you will be provided with.

Please note, the photographer will be in school on this day only.  All children from Nursery to Year 6 will have their photograph taken, including Year 6 Leavers photos.

Here is a link to the letter sent home to all children, please fill out and return if you wish for family photos to be taken.