At Mortimer Primary your child’s safety on the internet is very important to us which is why we have a trained member of staff who delivers the KidSafe UK programme from EYFS through to Y6. The KidSafe UK program’s philosophy is that an empowered child grows up to be a powerful, healthy adult. Their mission is to teach personal safety to children and their grown-ups to build strong, resilient families and safer communities. Alongside this program we also have a comprehensive PSHE curriculum which also addresses internet safety.

Today is Safer Internet Day and the theme is:  An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world. If your child is in school today they will be taking part in an internet safety discussion with their peers. If your child is at home their teacher will be setting tasks and/or materials for you to use and work with them at home. 

We live in a truly digital world; your child does not know a world without technology, internet searches and smart devices around their home; it is all our responsibility and duty to prepare them to maintain their safety in an ever connected world. 

If you would like access to resources prepared especially for parents we highly recommend the following website.