Here are the times of Google Meets for the rest of the week. The staff loved seeing the children today and we hope you enjoyed the interaction too. The times are deliberately different each day this week to allow children who may not have access at a set time to be able to see their teacher and have contact.

Moving forward next week you will have two set times for each class, each day. There may  also be other invitations to complete group and individual tasks such as reading or phonic work with your teacher or teaching assistant. More information will follow. These times will be posted in the Google Classrooms and on the website by close of day Friday. 

Tasks set within the Google Classroom may also have audio from your teacher explaining tasks over a PowerPoint or sharing a demonstration. These will be pre-recorded so that children will be able to access them at any time they need to while working. This will not be on every task but where we feel it supports learning.

A few things we discovered today: 

  • If you are using a Mac Book try to use Google Chrome not Safari to access the Google Classroom.
  • If you are on a portable device have Google Classroom and Google Meet downloaded as Apps. Make sure that your child is logged into both using their school email.
  • You can not access the Google Meet with your own email it must be a school email. If your child’s user name is DavidS then their email would be

We are here to help and will try our best to iron out any bumps by next week. Thank you for supporting us as we move forward and implement our Remote Learning Plan. 

Class Thursday

7th January


8th January

Anything else planned later in the day
Y6EM 9:30 10:00 3pm story 
Y6RD 9:30 10:00 3pm story 
Y6FH 9:30 10:00 3pm story 
Y5HA 10:00 10:30
5PM 10:20 10:50
5AM 10:10 10:40
4AS 10:50 11:20
4KR 10:40 11:00
4KA 10:30 11:10
3JDo 11:00 10:00
3JDa 11:20 10:20
3JG 11:10 10:10
2SK 11:30 9:00
2RF 11:50 9:10
2ES 11:40 9:20
1MP 9:00 9:30 2:45 Story
1KM 9:10 9:40 3:00 Story
1CS 9:20 9:50 3:15 Story