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Friday Carols on the Yard – 15.12.21
Dear all,

Carols on the Yard – Years 3, 4, 5 & 6

The end of term is upon us and as we stated in our last newsletter, we would like to give a little flavour of the school productions this year.

The following will take place on Friday 17th December. The children will sing a song or two for parents. Please can adults wear masks even though we are outside.

Who When Where
Year 5 & Year 6 2:45 KS2 Yard
Year 3 & Year 4 3:05 KS2 Yard


What happens after?

If you are attending the 2:45 event, also have a child in KS1 or Early Years (Nursery, Reception or years 1 – 2) and would like to take them early then please complete the Google form below to let us know and have them ready for you. Please collect from the main office.

If you are attending the 3:05 events, then we ask you to collect your other children at their normal time.

What will it look like?

The children will be in their classes as shown below. Please stand opposite your child’s class. You will then be able to take your child after they have sung.

If no one is there for your child, then they will return into school and will leave at their normal time.

Photos and Videos

Please feel free to capture this, but we must ask that no content containing other children is posted onto social media.

Many thanks



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