The excitement and enthusiasm in Y4 is contagious! All children in Y4 are taking part in a Fitness Challenge during this half term. This is a collaborative event ran across many schools in South Tyneside and is organised by Inspired spaces, Culture and Leisure and ICT in schools.

Each class are working as a team to complete fitness challenges. Every child has been given an ‘accelerometer’. This is a pedometer that measures their movement over the day. Measurements will only be taken Monday – Friday, the accelerometer should be worn every day from waking until going to bed, it will be taken home on an evening and brought back the next day. (Measurements will be not taken on a weekend.) The individual results will be recorded and then a class average will be submitted each day, this is the score that will be entered for the competition.

During the six weeks there will be many other challenges that the class will complete together for points. These are activities that explore many cross curricular topics including design technology, history, geography and science.

If you wish to learn more about this project please feel free to check out this website This website will have information so you can help to support weekly challenges and also discuss with your child this project.