Mortimer Primary School
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COVID19 Update – 13.1.22

Dear all,

We feel it only correct to update you at this current time. Since returning to school last week we have been faced with unprecedented staff absence due to, in large, COVID19. The task since last Sunday has been to keep every class open and continue pupil’s education. With the number of teaching staff absent, many classes have been taught by different teachers including senior leaders.

Our staff have been fantastic in helping ensure that every class has a teacher who is well known to the school. This has kept disruptions to a minimum. However, we are now seeing increasing numbers of pupils test positive for COVID. Please continue to watch for key symptoms of COVID19.

Staff absence is a daily issue, but we continue to work to avoid closing any classes or year groups. This will remain the absolute last choice.

Thank you for your support and understanding at this challenging time. 


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Email: [email protected]