We would like to invite you to come into school for a walk around to see our “Christmas Corridors” and the lovely crafts which your children have been making in school.  We will open the doors to the hall from the Nursery entrance at 3.45pm and ask that you walk round the school in an anti-clockwise direction starting in Reception and walking all the way round to Year 6, exiting via the main entrance.  Due to the large number of children in our school, we invite you to come in on the following date:


6th December          RecMP, Y2JG, Y4HA, Y6FH

7th December          Y1KL, Y3EM, Y5KM

13th December          RecGB, Y2KA, Y4JM, Y6AS

14th December          Y1BC, Y2KB, Y5SK

18th December          RecRF, Y3JDo, Y4ES,Y6RF

19th December          Y1GB, Y3JDa, Y5PM


Many thanks for your co-operation.


Yours sincerely

Mr G. S. Seagrove

Head Teacher