Mortimer Primary School
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Autumn Report – 4.12.23
Dear parents/carers,
Today, #name will bring home their 1st Autumn report.
This follows on from the ‘Meet the teacher’ sessions in September. Each report provides a snap shot of their time so far this term.
The ‘Moment of Excellence’ identifies a high point of the term so far for every child.
The report then covers key indicators areas of pastoral care and academia which we feel are important to share at this time. Numbers (1/2/3) are used to provide a scaled indication of where your child is currently.
A ‘2’ is positive and we are happy with children at this indicator. 
A ‘1’ identifies very high standards, whilst a ‘3’ tells us some support is needed to move forward. 
Parents’ evening meetings will follow quickly after Christmas. Details for these will be shared upon our return.
Thank you for your support
Mr Bennett
Head Teacher


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