5.1.21 Moving Forward

Dear all,
Firstly, thank you for so many positive messages and responses, they really help! We have been given even less time to prepare for this new lockdown.
As we know school is now closed to most pupils and learning switches online. This includes our nursery.
We will be running two routes of education during this lockdown.
Route 1 – In School
Vulnerable children and pupils of Critical workers will be offered full time places in school.
Those who applied via the form, for critical worker places, have been notified via email.
Pupils will be with their own year group staff and only their peers.
If you have missed the deadline to apply for a critical worker place, please contact Mr Bennett to discuss your situation.
Please do not bring your child to school if you have not been allocated a space.
Route 2 – Remote/online education
Most pupils will be at home. We will use Google Classroom and Tapestry to contact pupils. Staff will be dedicated to our online provision during normal school hours. Staff will be in contact and offer a range of activities to continue your child’s education. We will be in contact with pupils who are not accessing their learning to ensure they are ok and to see how we can help.
Tomorrow all pupils (Yrs1-6), will have an online register with a member of staff from their year who will explain how things will work and welcome pupils back to ‘school’.
Pupils need to be ‘attend’ each day.
We have a number of ideas planned to keep pupils engaged. We will start slowly and then add in new elements as we progress.
If you have difficulty with log in codes etc then please get in touch with us.
We recognise that learning from home presents many challenges, but we must stress that it is important for children to complete as much as possible. Staff are aiming to provide 3 hours per day of learning. Please remember that we are here to help, just get in touch.
Any issues can be sent via email to office@mortimerprimary.co.uk
Please use your child’s name and class in the subject to help us direct your query as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your continuing support