26.11.20 Communication

To further improve our communication, we will be using the Noticeboard facility on the ‘teacher2parents’ app. This is the service we use to text parents directly.

This will help parents, especially those who are not on social media, to know when new news/content/information has been shared.

It will give a short notice on what’s new, so you can decide if you need to check it out!

A text message will be sent out about this from the ‘teacher2parents’ app. Simply download the associated app and input your mobile phone number. If it is the number we have in school then your account will be linked.

In the app you will find school contact details and the term dates for the year.

We will continue to send letters where appropriate.

Our website front page is also getting an early spring clean so parents can see the latest news much easier.

n.b. our Christmas newsletter with all the info you need will be out on Friday.