21.1.21 Remote Education Part 2

Following on from our 1st post about remote learning, here are some additional things to help and support you and your child.
· When joining meetings through Google Classroom, the camera needs to be turned on for safeguarding reasons. If the camera can’t be turned on, then the child will be asked to leave the meeting and only return once it is working. This is to protect both the pupil and the staff member.
· Pupils should dress suitably to be on screen. Sun glasses and hoods pulled up should be avoided. Pupils should leave other distractions, (mobile phones etc) till after the meeting.
· Work doesn’t have to be completed the same day it is set. Put your own plans in place. Most work can be submitted by the end of the weekend.
· We ask that no photographs or video is taken of any home/school meeting. Permission has not been granted.
· The Google Classroom stream is for communication about work and shouldn’t be clogged with general chatter between classmates.
· We ask that parents avoid communicating through Google Classroom and their child’s account. Please contact the office and we can schedule a phone conversation.
· Teachers will tell pupils when a message has been sent only to them, so they can respond knowing other will not see it.
· If work is scored/graded 100/100, then the teacher is telling you the work is done. There is no need to resubmit work from this point.
· If in doubt, pupils should ask their remote teacher questions to help their work.
· We know it is a challenge to home school, so focus on key aspects and definitely the maths and English. Children will be back in school and the more they do at home, then the easier it will be on their return.
Thanks for everything you are doing whilst at home. Your efforts are to be praised.