15.1.21 Remote education

With over 300+ pupils being educated at home, we have stepped up to the challenge to ensure that pupils keep on learning.

Our learning platform is Google Classroom and this provides access to Microsoft like products such as Google Docs (Word), Google Sheets (Excel) and Google Slides (Powerpoint).


We have dedicated teachers for our remote learners. These are teachers from the children’s year group, who are working to replicate classroom learning in the pupil’s living room, just as if they were in school.


The government has asked for 4 hours of work to be available to KS2 pupils and 3 hours for KS1 pupils. Parents need to recognise that school can’t be replicated at home. Therefore, we are not asking for work to be completed in the same time frame as a normal school day. Make the day work for you and your family and know that tasks can be spread across the week.

Set work will include tasks, use of directed apps such as TT RockStars or self-reading. There are lots of resources out there if parents wish to take advantage to supplement the work directed by school, such as Joe Wicks, BBC website and BBC channels, or Oak Academy lessons to name a few. Baking cakes and going for walks are still great activities to learn from.

Maths and English task will be set daily with some foundation work such as history, geography, art etc… Keeping up with the maths and English should be a priority!

A typical day

Each day children are invited to attend the check in video call and the same again on the afternoon. Pupils at home get to see their friends in school and interact with a teacher.

We ask that every child shows that they are online by 2pm each day. This can be through attendance of the morning check in or commenting in the Google Classroom stream.

Teachers are sharing stories and reading to all children during some sessions. We are even looking to create lessons where pupils in school work with pupils at home in groups.

We have a duty of care to all pupils and parents will receive a phone call to check if everything is ok if we have not ‘seen’ your child online. We know that lots of things can get in the way of pupils being online, but ask that they access as much as possible.

Work is released each day to avoid overloading the children with lots of information and tasks all at once. Some task will have pre-recorded teaching videos to demonstrate or links to videos which will support.

Handing in work online

Pupils are becoming exports at using the Google package. They are asked to ‘hand in’ work when complete. Some may be electronic or completed on paper. Pictures of paper work can be attached to the online task by taking a photo from your device.


Our teachers will be available 9am until 4pm each day. Some may mark work and leave comments after this time. There is no requirement for pupils or parents to look at or respond to this throughout the night. Please wait until the next school day.

Staff will not be contactable during the weekend.

Getting Help

If you have issues with log in or access to Google Classroom or apps, please let us know and we will do our best to help.

Questions can be asked on a task or written in the Classroom stream. Some children may wish to ask a work related question at the end of the morning video call.

Teachers should not be emailed with queries or questions.

On reflection

Home schooling is a challenge. However, this lockdown we have been tasked with continuing very child’s education. Do what you can and celebrate those successes rather than focusing on what didn’t get done.

These times are difficult and we continue to review how we maximise our offer whilst under the current restrictions.

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.