An exciting delivery for nursery

There was a very exciting delivery in nursery last week with the introduction of three new iPads. Children used them to enhance their topic on fairy tales and were able to listen to stories and play a three little pig game.

Staff and children talked about how to use our IPads/digital devices safely at home and at nursery.

Nursery 2017

Here’s a little clip of some of the fun our nursery children have been having since starting in September.

We have had lots of exciting changes, including the start of our 30 hour free child places. (See if you can spot our new outdoor waterproof suits!)

School Photographs

Our school photographer will be taking photographs on Thursday 29th June. For organisational purposes, every child will be photographed.   Every child will come home on the day with a selection of small inkjet proofs printed on an order form. These proofs will show the general position and expression but they are just an instant inkjet proof and do not represent the quality of the actual photographs you order. Your photographs will be printed in a professional lab, using professional materials and are of the highest quality.

A consent form is required for family photos only as each child will receive individual proof photographs.

If you wish a family photo to be taken (only children in school, no younger or older siblings) please return the attached slip.  Please note each child in the family needs to bring a slip in to their own teacher. 

If you are willing to spend an hour or two in school to help comb children’s hair prior to them having their photograph taken would you please let your child’s teacher know, any help would be appreciated.   Could you please send a comb or brush with your child’s name on into school on the day of their photograph?

You can order your child’s school photograph online.   Full instructions will be enclosed in the pack you will be provided with.

Please note, the photographer will be in school on this day only.  All children from Nursery to Year 6 will have their photograph taken, including Year 6 Leavers photos.

Here is a link to the letter sent home to all children, please fill out and return if you wish for family photos to be taken.


Trim Trail

Foundation and KS1 children love the new addition to their outdoor play area. Recently we had a new trim trail fitted to encourage children to be more active, agile and increase balance, stability and problem solving skills.

It has been a big hit will all; check out our Y1 children in action.

Mortimer Primary Great Easter Egg Eggstravaganza 2017

Every child from reception to Y6 will have the opportunity to take part in our annual egg competition. Eggs will be designed and made in school.

  • Children will design and make the eggs during school time.
  • It is strictly one egg per design – although children may wish to bring a spare egg in case of accidents or ‘redrafting’.
  • As we have so many children in the school we are sadly unable to allow backgrounds for the designs. (The judging will be on the egg not the holder.)
  • Children will be given a holder for their egg design.
  • All eggs will be will be displayed at the Easter Fayre on Monday 3rd April PM and Tuesday 4th April AM.
  • Children will have access to a wide variety of art resources in school, but if they do need something very specific they may wish to bring it with them.

This is a fun activity, which the children thoroughly enjoy. Thank you for your support.

Here are instructions for each particular year group: –


No eggs needed.


No egg needed, each child will be given a polystyrene egg to decorate.

Year 1 –

All children require a hard boiled egg in school on Monday 3rd April for the morning session please.

Year 2 –

2KA and 2JG All children to bring a hard-boiled egg Monday 3rd April for the morning session please.

2KB No egg needed, each child will be given a polystyrene egg to decorate.

Year 3

All children require a hard boiled egg in school on Friday 31st March for the morning session please.

Year 4 –

4ES and 4RF All children require a hard boiled egg in school on Friday 31st March for the morning session please.

4HA No egg needed, each child will be given a polystyrene egg to decorate.

Year 5 –

All children require a hard boiled egg in school on Friday 31st March for the morning session please.

Year 6 –

All children to bring a hard-boiled egg Thursday 30th March. To allow more time to be creative could we ask all children to paint their egg the colour they wish them to be for the design at home please.


If parents wish to contribute an egg to the adult competition, please drop it into the office on Monday morning. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Christmas Jumper Day/ Christmas Assembly

Our children and staff looked very festive this morning as they came together for the final assembly of 2016.

It was a special occasion for one of our members of staff, who is sadly retiring today too. Children from each year group presented Mr McGuigan with cards. He has been teaching at Mortimer Primary School for 28 years and will be very much missed from our teaching staff.

Nursery PM Party

Here’s a sneaky peak at our PM nursery children enjoying their Christmas party.

The message of Christmas

As mentioned in an earlier post, all of our Y5 children have been creating Christmas books retelling the story of the Nativity for reception children, which can be kept as a  special keepsake.

This project takes part over a number of weeks and involves the children meeting each other, learning a little about each other and spending time sharing stories. It is a lovely link between some of our older and younger children and is enjoyed by all.

We have also been so pleased with the feedback from parents, here are just a few of the comments we have received.

“The book created for Finely is lovely – read it tonight and he loves it. It’s a great idea.”

“I absolutely love the book Theo brought home tonight, which had been written by one of the older children! It made me have a little tear. Theo is so happy with it and will treasure it forever. I absolutely love the idea of the older children sharing work and also reading to reception children.”